separate parts for protractors

Separate parts for protractors
Angle measurement device 04090-A

Measurement and displaying part intended to be combined with a measure taking module ( a clip, a nose or any other module produced by the customer ). This body is the base for 0939x-A and 0931x-A models. The front face (which the nose or clip module gets fixed on) has four holes M3 set in square at distance of 20 mm and four holes 3mm H7 set in cross at distance of 20mm.
  • Measures angle between wiper arm and windshield.
  • Stand alone device.
  • No need to zero search : direct display of value at power on.
  • Angle values between –15° and +15°.
  • Display by step of 0.05°.
  • Precision 0.3° +/- 1 step.
  • Supply : two button batteries 3V 950mA-h type 2477.
  • Duration of use without changing batteries: 700 hours
  • Weight lower than 300 grams.
  • Must be connected to a noze module or clip module


Posted by J D'hoedt, on Tuesday, February 17th 2009 at 18:49