protractors for wipers

>angle measurement
>to change batteries
>calibration / sign change
>angle gauge

Twisting angle measurement device for 04090-A / 0939x-A / 0931x-A


- Measures angle between wiper arm and windshield.
- Stand alone device.
- No need to zero search : direct display of value at power on.
- Angle values between -15° and +15°.
- Display by step of 0.05°.
- Maximum error 0.3°.
- Supply : two button batteries 3V 560 mA-h type 2450.
- Duration of use without changing batteries: 370 hours
- Weight 200 to 300 grams depending on model.

The three models are different by the measurement taking. The 04090-A model is a measuring and displaying device without measurement taking module. The 0939x-A models have a measurement taking module with a clip. The 0931x-A have a measurement taking module with a spring holder.
Posted by J. D'hoedt, on Wednesday, February 18th 2009 at 18:18